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enforge manufacturing platform

Mass customize your products
Generate optimized work orders
Capture contextualized production data
Develop fit-for-purpose applications

Our focus


enforge is a next generation, digital-twin based production planning & control platform for discrete manufactured products. enforge modelling approach captures product and process knowledge to unify enterprise functions: from sales to manufacturing.


Design, develop and commision fit-for-purpose manufacturing applications for your specific needs, powered by enforge platform.


Constantly improving our product modeling and lifecycle management platform. Interested in new application scenarios of our product-first order-driven approach in manufacturing optimization.


Mass personalization

Define rules for mass-personalization, including “hard” parameters such as dimensions. Generate true dynamic BoMs and allow customers to build the product they have dreamed of.


Compile personalized product specifications to work orders for every workstation. Optimize interchangeable parts, calculate batches for minimum tooling changes and material use. Generate contextualized production data and make data-driven decisions.

Design generation

Integrate with your CAD/CAM software to automatically generate designs, BoMs and specification files. Prepare your production in minutes, for any batch size.

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